Welcome to Divine Healthy Living

Live in the Shalom of the Lord: Prosper in All Things 3 John 2

About Us

We are a group of people who prosper in all things:  Mind, Body, Soul, & Finances.  Many of us are Believers in Christ, and we welcome anyone who wants to prosper in all things too.   

Our goal is to empower, transform, and prosper people.

Our Values

  • Holistic living
  • Living in Harmony with Nature
  • Liberty - free speech and self-determination
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Caring for God's creation
  • Generosity & Joy & Laughter
  • Honoring God and each other

What You'll Find

Our network is comprised of several circles, (groups).  Most of these circles are free to join. If they are marked private, you will need to request membership. 

  • Wellness - Divine Healthy Living 
  • Prayer & Prophetic - Standing in the Breach
  • Self-reliant lifestyle
  • Our Wellness business training & coaching (Our customers & Partners) 

How to Join

Just click on "request to join"!